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101 Nov 9, 1893 - Humboldt county Republican - Died: At her home in Humboldt, Iowa, on Nov. 1, Jane Atkinson Stott. 
Mrs. Stott was born in Yorkshire, England, May 3, 1826. Came to America with her parents in the spring of 1843, settling in Ohio
She was married to Mr. Stott July 9, 1846. In 1851 they moved to Wisconsin, locating in Rock county, where they lived until 1881, when they came to Humboldt, Iowa, where she lived until the time of her death.
Mrs. Stott was the mother of eight children, four sons und four daughters. They are all alive with the exception of one son and one daughter who died while quite young. Her children who are alive were all present at her funeral, excepting one son who lives in the southern part of the state.
Mrs. Stott was a member of the M.E. church, having joined in 1841 in Ohio. The funeral services were held in the M.E. church Friday at 10 a.m. Her husband and children have the sympathy of all, in this their hour of bereavement.  
102 Dec 1920 Knaresbro 9a 147 Elizabeth BARRICK
103 1891 Riverside, Knaresborough - age 4.
1901 Waterside, Knaresborough - age 14.
1911 Blands Hill, Knaresborough - Brick Yard Labourer. 
104 Sept 1970 Claro 2c 271 Joseph BARRICK
105 1841 Sweet Street, Holbeck - age 60.
1851 20 Sweet Street, Holbeck - age 68 [Widow]. 
Rosamond BENTLEY
106 Sept 1868 Bradford 9b 77 Ann BINNS
107 Informant: D B Leeming her son. Mabel BODEN
108 Mabel worked as a nurse before she married Mabel BODEN
109 1841 Providence Street, Holbeck - Joiner.
1851 48 Providence Street, Holbeck - Joiner.
1861 2 Atha Place, Holbeck - Model Maker. 
110 1871 18 Spa Street, Holbeck - age 2.
1881 17 South Mount Street, Holbeck - age 12, Scholar.
1891 45 Roxburgh Road, Hunslet - Pork Butcher.
1901 Aire Street, Knottingley - Pork Butcher.
1911 4 Oldfield Mount, Wortley - Pork Butcher. 
111 1841 Providence Street, Holbeck - age 4.
1851 48 Providence Street, Holbeck age 14, Mill Flax.
1861 2 Atha Place, Holbeck - age 24, Iron Moulder.
1871 18 Spa Street, Holbeck - Iron Moulder.
1881 17 South Mount Street, Holbeck - Iron Moulder. 
112 1901 Aire Street, Knottingley - age 11 months.
1911 4 Oldfield Mount, Wortley - age 10, at School.
113 Sept 1947 Leeds 2c 259 William BRADBURY
114 Autosomal DNA testing via a descendant of Elizabeth Brooks via the Cowling family indicates a positive match with sister Margaret Brooks and a descendant via the Leeming Family.

Nidderdale DNA Project
Betty 'Elizabeth' BROOKS

1851 Bilton with Harrogate - age 7.
1861 Bilton with Harrogate - age 17 - Agricultural Labourer.
1871 Bilton Farm House, Bilton Lane - Platelayer.
1881 Pannal End, Follifoot - Platelayer.
1891 Station Road Follifoot - Railway Platelayer.
1901 Follifoot - Railway Platelayer.
1911 3 Ash View, Pannal Ash - Farm Labourer. 
116 BROOKS George of 3 Ash View, Pannal Ash, Harrogate died 13th June 1921. Probate Wakefield 10th November to Henry Brooks Postman £127. George BROOKS
117 Informant: Henry Brooks his Son his home address was 4 Harewood View, Pannal Ash Harrogate. George BROOKS
118 Registered by: Elizabeth Brooks his Mother. George BROOKS

1881 Pannal End, Follifoot - age 3.
1891 Station Road, Follifoot - age 13 - Scholar.
1901 Station Road, Follifoot - age 23 - Postman.
1911 15 Town Street, Batley - Postman - Staying with Cousin Mary Fullerton. 
120 Informant Elsie Brooks his Daughter of 43 Dragon Avenue Harrogate. Henry BROOKS
121 Registered by: R Brooks his Mother. Henry BROOKS

1841 Bilton with Harrogate - Agricultural Labourer.
1851 Bilton with Harrogate - Agricultural Labourer.
1861 Bilton with Harrogate - Agricultural Labourer.
1871 28 Bilton Road - Shopkeeper.
1881 Fairholme, Bilton - Farmer of 10 Acres.
1891 Knox, Bilton - Grocer.

There is an Adopted daughter with John in the 1891 Census age 9 Scholar, I can not make out her name but looks like fildia ? i also do not know who she is or whatever happened to her. Nigel Brooks 2010.
1841 Lodge, Brearton - Linen Weaver.
1851 Brearton Lodge, Brearton - Linen Weaver. 
The name of Lupton Brooks is generic to this line of Brooks' - i have traced all Lupton Brooks to one or the other family line from this point in the country except for one - Lupton Brooks born circa 1829 all census found for him state he was born in Barnsley.?

I could think it was coincidence the name Lupton is one of the oldest English surnames but George Brooks born and baptised in Pateley Bridge 1813 is also found in Barnsley in the 1871 & 1881 Census.

Could there be another BROOKS family in Barnsley we are related to?

Nigel Brooks
Dec 2010 
125 Burial Entry: John BROOKS Calf Hall 06 Apr 1826 80 John BROOKS
126 Calf Hall in Burial record. John BROOKS
127 Date of birth taken from burial record - ? mother dies in 1743 ? did William re-marry? I know John is this William's son from the Last Will and Testament. John BROOKS
128 Freeholder within the Manor of Bewerley, a House of 2 Perches. John BROOKS
129 Informant: John Brooks his Son. John BROOKS
130 Informant: John Shutt, In Attendance, Union Workhouse, Knaresborough. John BROOKS
1841 Eavestone - Wife of Roger Leeming.
1851 Eavestone - Widow - Farmer. 
Margaret BROOKS
132 Autosomal DNA testing via a descendant of Margaret Brooks via the Leeming family indicates a positive match with sister Elizabeth Brooks and a descendant via the Cowling Family.

Nidderdale DNA Project
Margaret BROOKS
133 Informat: I Outhwaite. Margaret BROOKS

4 Harewood View, Pannal Ash - age 7 - at School. 
135 : Registered by Henry Brooks his Father. Ronald BROOKS
136 Informant David Brooks his Son Ronald BROOKS

1841 Near the Castle Mills?, Knaresborough - Agricultural Labourer.
1851 Smelthouses - Bobbin Turner.
1861 Hartwith - Wood Turner. 
William BROOKS
1851 Smelthouses - age 6.
1861 Hartwith - age 16 - Linen Bleacher.
1871 11 Alma Street, Idle - Farm Labourer.
1881 4 Alma Street, Idle - Stone Miner.
1891 4 Alma Street, Idle - Stone Labourer. 
William BROOKS
1911 5 Mellor Street, Windhill - age 7. 
William BROOKS
140 Informant: G Brooks his Son of 28 Mountain Street, Windhill. William BROOKS
141 Informant: Sarah Brooks William BROOKS
142 Informant: T Conway his Brother-in-Law of 40 Whitlam Street, Saltaire, Shipley. William BROOKS
143 Registered by: George Brooks his Father. William BROOKS
144 Registered by: William Brooks his Father. William BROOKS
145 I am certain the Burrill tree is accurate up to this point. Andy Simpson from Middlesbrough has undertaken some excellent research using Manorial Records for the Ilton Cum Pott areas of Danby - and has plotted many Burrell families at the Farms they rented.

Having discussed this with him we are in agreement to add some more families to the tree - [however I am doing this with an open mind].

One thing that does sway me is the Baptism of Peter Burrall in Masham son of John Burrall it states they are of Longside.

Longside is a farm in Nidderdale where my 5x Great Grandfather William Burrill born 1733, Grandson of this John Burrill - Farmed between 1760 & 1812.

This is the only other reference to Longside and we wonder if the Burrill family have always been here or came back... I do now know that the last Burrill Family to occupy the farm owned it [it was not rented] ndb 2011.

At time of writing I have agreed to try and emulate Andy's great work and I am going to try and research the Manorial records for Nidderdale which are in Private Hands but are referenced at WYAS.

Nigel Brooks
June 2010 
146 This is actually a renunciation bond.

I Thomas Burrill Brother of John Burill late of Longsides, deceased, do hereby renounce forever, ...............dated 22nd November 1727. 
147 of Low Ash Head. Peter BURRALL
148 Elizabeth is mentioned in her Fathers Will dated 25/10/1759.
Elizabeth is mentioned in her Brother Richard Burrills Will dated 24/05/1798.
Elizabeth Hanley is mentioned in her Brother John Burrills Will dated 16/08/1807. 
Elizabeth BURRELL
149 Here Lieth the body of John Burrill of Swetton who departed this life August the 22nd. 1760 Aged 66 years. Also the body of Elizabeth his wife who died 31st 1784 Aged 84.

John lived in Netherdale and Kirkby Malzeard Parish Records state this. 
150 People Mentioned:

Elizabeth Burrill - Wife
John Burrill - Son
Joseph Burrill - Son
Richard Burrill - Son
Elizabeth Burrill - Daughter
Sarah Burrill - Daughter
Ann Burrill - Daughter
Leonard Burrill - Son
Mary Beck - Daughter
William Burrill - Son 

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